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chateau-cheval-blanc1In the 18th century a large area of the current estate of Cheval Blanc was covered in vines which can be seen on a map drawn up by Bellayme in 1764. The vineyard once belonged to the estate of Figeac and then sold to a family called Ducasse.

In the late eighteenth century the estate was bought by the Fourcaud-Laussac family, which was the beginning of a slow renovation, and included the acquisition in 1871 of adjacent plots giving the vineyard its definitive layout. The family completed the drainage, and planting of the Cabernet Franc variety. From this time the wine of Cheval Blanc achieved a level of international success, which was rewarded with top prizes in London (1862), Paris (1878) and Antwerp (1885).

In 1998, the estate was sold to Mr Bernard Arnault and Baron Albert Frère

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Château Cheval Blanc
St Emilion

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