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1. Mar 2012
2. all prices are converted to a standard bottle format of 75cl
3. Buyers Premium
4. from a total of 61 auction records between 2003 and 2009
5. Sotheby's Finest and Rarest Wines, Featuring Treasures from the Cellars of Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, 12th November, 2008. Sale no.L08611
6. where no year given this is the standard assemblage or capability
7. where no year given this is the average expectation
8. Too much water may lead to dense foliage which restricts fruit exposure and larger more dilute fruit, compact clusters and unsanitary conditions e.g. mildew, grey rot. Good drainage counteracts some of the problems caused by heavy rainfall. Too little water and vine growth is stunted and maturity delayed. Non-functioning leaves (no photosynthesis) can also inhibit ripening. Whilst sugar can increase this is only as a percentage of the juice which is already lower in volume. Late stress can affect the flavours too. Excessive stress tends to produce wines which are of lower flavour which are less complex, less ripe, lower volume and with less aging potential.
9. Rapport du millésime proposé par la Faculté d'oenologie de Bordeaux
10. Release prices from
11. Sales dates for wines sold at auction
12. 7/11/2010
13, 14. 23/06/2010
15. 05/11/2010
16. 5/6/2010
17. based on records up until the end of April 2011
18. Foire aux vins
20. Unmixed, non-verticals from Sotheby's, Christie's, Acker Merrall & Condit, Zachys, Hart Davis Hart