Montrose 2003

Release price: $130 / 75cl (May, 2004). Currently Montrose trades at 46% above its release price - ROI of 3.87% - 1.85% after storage and insurance and -0.62% after a BP of, say, 20%.

Sales of Montrose 20031 have a seasonal bias towards the last quarter - the last 2 quarters of each selling more than the rest of the year, generally the last quarter in any year having the most volume.

The most popular venue for sales of this wine are Hong Kong and New York.

Montrose 2003 essential data

Auction house premiumsAv. $ 75cl equiv# lotsQty 75cl soldSD
Acker Merrall & Condit Hong Kong$211784$28
Zachys Hong Kong$210224$13
Christie's Hong Kong$203666$10
Sotheby's Hong Kong$196112$0
Hart Davis Hart$192996$46
Acker Merrall & Condit New York$18618216$13
Zachys New York$184224$0
Christie's New York$184112$0
Sotheby's London$1801197$8
Sotheby's New York$179224$5
Bottle format data
Bottle size37.5cl75cl1.5l3l5l6l9l12l15l18l
H (all time)$111$403$887$1,573$1,326$4,840$2,356$7,756$6,600$8,295
L (all time)$74$163$395$1,255$1,326$2,868$2,356$3,318$6,600$7,260
Volume # bottles 964,449323842491212

  1. Based on 543 auction records since its first auction sale in September, 2006 represented by 5,009 bottles worth $1.2m. All prices include Buyers Premium at whatever rate.