Skillogalee Basket Pressed shiraz

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Skillogalee Basket Pressed shiraz

Skillogalee Basket PressedDeep limpid garnet colour. Intense fruity nose with overtones of black pepper and mint. On the palate there’s loads of dark berry fruits – cherry, plums and pomegranite. Supple long tannins combined with a good acidity preserves the wine’s freshness and underwrites the fleshy tones with a clean definition. Luxuriously smooth and long in the finish.

Score: 93 /100

Wine summary
Skillogalee Basket Pressed shiraz (2010) Clare Valley | Skillogalee | Red | Still | Shiraz | 14%

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London (United Kingdom): The Co-operative   

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Roast pigeon with leeks

The pigeon recipe is an excellent accompaniment with this wine: the nose is complementary – some say pigeon has a berry-like aroma (not surprising given their diet). The wine’s fruit is further drawn out by the leeks. The light sauce emphasises this shiraz’s freshness and acidity. The whole dish accentuates the smooth textures of the wine. The pigeon’s mild, silky, tender and finely granulated meat, establishes the wine’s elegance.

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