Catapult Shiraz McLaren Vale

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Catapult Shiraz Mclaren Vale 2012

Deep rich colour. Powerful nose. Very smooth. Lots of tar and tobacco on the nose. Liquorice on the attack. Long with a mellow finish. A touch spicy, good acidity, enjoyable and fresh tasting despite the alcohol and extraction.

Score: 88 /100

Wine summary
Catapult Shiraz Mclaren Vale 2012 (2012) Wirra Wirra, Australia | Red | Still | Shiraz/Syrah | 14.5%

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London (United Kingdom): Marks and Spencer   

Food2Wine matching: (if applicable)

Seared tuna, avocado, ginger and lime to a glass of Shiraz

Suggestion: drink the wine at a cool (not chilled) temperature.

One needs a dish which will work to enhance the wine’s freshness, and yet compliment the body and dry matter whilst contrasting the ‘fatness’. The spice and nose of the wine matches the coriander and ginger. The cleaning palate mechanism of the Shiraz matches the lean tuna – and, the tuna’s meaty texture compliments the precision of the wine. The sauce enhances the fruit and balance of the wine. The wine’s fruit is also complimented by the avocado and honey in the sauce. But ultimately it is the texture of the tuna and wine which matches so well and which emphasises the wine’s clean lines. As an added bonus there is a saltiness about this wine which is brought out by the soy but go easy on the salt. This is an unexpected combination but ultimately works very well. A surprising dish with a surprising wine.

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