Champagne Bruno Paillard brut 2002


14ct gold colour. Strong mousse. Floral and honey nose. Very smooth with a gentle mousse. Lots of flavour - honey, almonds, lichee mixed with citrus and loads of floral tastes. Very mellow - beautiful. Very elegant wine with good freshness backed with a brush of dryness.

8 grands and premiers crus from the Marne. 2002 was a relatively dry year with approximately 15% less rain than usual. Warm summer. A relatively low yield 'brought concentrated and aromatic grapes, with a moderate level of malic acid' which permitted the wines to retain their freshness even after MLF.

Dosage 5g/l.
Disg’d July, 2011.

Score: 92 ( 94)/100 Note 1Nov 2012

Colour: White
Vintage: 2002
Type: brut
Alcohol: 12.0%
Appellation: Champagne
Region: Champagne-Ardennes
Country: France
Producer: Bruno Paillard

Wine: Champagne Bruno Paillard brut 2002

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1. Nov 2012

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