Unterotl Aurich – Alto Adige


Castel JuvalMartin and Gisela Aurich manage the viticultural part of the estate of Castel Juval-Unterotl, near Bolzano, owned by the famous alpinist Reinhold Messner, the first man to have scaled all the 8000m peaks. Martin, an oenolgist who graduated from Laimburg, is a refined vinifier of the most famous varietals of Alto Adige, namely Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco. But his real strength lies in his interpretation of Riesling, one of the most noble grapes which nonetheless doesn't usually attain the qualitative examples of the Mosel. In the hands of Aurich, Riesling assumes a noticeable minerality, very intense, and which above all is underscored by a vibrant current of acidity: vivacious and crystalline, which is not far from the 'electric' style of the great German Rieslings. An important secondary consideration is the moderate price around 17euros for the Riesling Castel Juval 2007.

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