Eisch Wine glasses competition – result

Eisch Superior Sensis Plus glasswareThanks to everyone for taking part in in our Eisch wine glasses competition which is now closed (entry form).

Our winner is:

SharonW who wrote this in response to the question: I wish to win 6 Eisch red wine glasses because -

"I have been pregnant and nursing my young baby so unable to drink wine. I am now ready to sit down and savour the moment and what better way than out of beautiful glasses that will allow me to fully experience the taste and aromas."

We weren't offering runner-up prizes but we enjoyed GrahamR's pithy: " 5 IS NOT ENOUGH ! "

Some further examples of replies are listed below so you can see for yourself the strength of the competition.

What's interesting is that most attempts could be classified into a few categories which didn't impress :

1. the 'poverty trap' - I can't afford to buy these so I want to win them - which fell on deaf ears.

2. the 'simple' explanation - which basically just reiterated the properties of the glasses and were ignored for a lack of originality and for being just plain boring.

3. the 'good causes' and 'present-giving' efforts - we'd like to help but we're not a charity - go and buy what you need.

4. the 'careless' - do you really think we're going to send you more wine glasses to break?

5. the 'uninitiated' - we're hardly going to give you a set of Eisch wine glasses if you can't already demonstrate a certain discrimination in what you are drinking.

Here are a selection of responses to our question - I wish to win 6 Eisch red wine glasses because :

"Both me and my boyfriend have gone back to uni as mature students and
cant afford the finer things in life any more - this would remind of
us of what we have to come once we are qualified!"

"My partner and I love wine but he keeps breaking our wine glasses when
he (occasionally) does the washing up! So if we won, he'd be banned
from washing them."

"my boyfriend and I have just moved into our new flat and despite being
wine lovers we haven't invested in any glasses yet because there have
been so many other things to get, these would be amazing!"

"A Fine fellow who indulges in fine wine deserves a fine glass for
quaffing with, no actually the wife likes them and I can’t afford to
buy any."

"Thanks to my dishwasher, I now have zero wine glasses left! I am
drinking my wine, fine as it otherwise is, from a brandy glass. It's
just not on! Please, help."

"I have managed to smash my 'nice' wine glases and will not buy cheap
replacements. Want quality glasses, will just have to save up,unless I
win this competition!!"

"I heard the Eisch wine glasses are excellent instant aerators, making
the wine drinking experience complete."

"because i have no real nice wine glasses. the only ones we have are
plastic and i would love some elegant ones for our new year party"

"I am fed up with cheap quality wine glasses that smash and chip easily
and would like to treat myself to some luxury!"


"At the moment I can only invite three guests or serve wine in

"I am now down to 2 glasses."

"They would make a excellent Wedding Present for my Son and his new

"I desperately need new wine glasses!"

"my table ware including glasses are shabby having new ones would be a
treat." [!!]

"I would like these for my housemate as she has a glass of wine every
day. And she is drinking from some horrible glasses. She deserves to
drink herself into a pit of despair in some fine glasses!"

We could go on... thanks again to everyone who entered. Better luck next time.