Molettieri – Campania

The Molettieri family spend 364 days at the vine: surely it can only be one day when their vines are not visited? Here are born powerful wines, very rich and enveloping, but even less shaped on the 'international taste', thus not at all 'super soft' with inoffensive tannins. The wines, above all the Taurasi, are, on the contrary, very dynamic, springy, and surprisingly agile notwithstanding the mass extracted. The vital force of the volcanic terroir in the area of the Taurasi is transmitted to the wines thanks to the hard work in the vineyard (Montemarano being one of the best cru in the area) and a non-invasive practice in the cellar. The wild and indomitable character of the base grape the 'aglianico' has through the attentive care of the winemaker evolved into something more civilized in the last decade. The 'wild' indomitable character of the aglianico (the base) of this area, has evolved in the last ten years into something a little more civilized. Whilst being neither rough nor imprecise, these wines are not for every palate, and thanks to the work of Molettieri in preserving their elegance the world of Italian wine – and outside – have been able to discover the quality and originality of the wines of the Taurasi.