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Advertise Here The Fine Wine Auction Index (FWAI50) Please see the chart below.1 The FWAI502 over the given period is based on more than 27,000 separate auction lots representing more than 250k bottles of wine and in excess of $270million in sales. For a list of the wines used to compile the Fine Wine Index

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Feature articles

Personality and wine
by Miles Thomas

The idea that personality and wine are linked is an attractive one. We might like to think Merlot fans masochistic or Pinot Noir geeks obsessive-compulsive, but there is little empirical evidence to support people fitting such convenient stereotypes. On the contrary, there is a growing acknowledgement that personality is as fluid and mercurial as wine once we get beyond basic traits related to our genetic inheritance.

Take 2: Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande 2008 Grand cru classé and Château Pichon-Longueville au Baron de Pichon-Longueville 2008 cru classé en 1855, Pauillac

Château Pichon Comtesse and Château Pichon Baron were both once part of a larger estate. We compare these two wines, through their 2008 vintage, examining their common heritage, their taste, history, and evolution.

Bordeaux: a chronicle of conquest, commerce and kings
The beginnings of the Bordeaux wine trade, and its connection to dynasties, politics and wealth in the Middle Ages
by Rod Phillips

Bordeaux’s rise to the status of an iconic wine region was a slow process that began by piggy-backing on the success of neighbouring regions and then employing restrictive commercial practices against the competition. But it was the popularity of Bordeaux wines among the ruling classes of England and other north European states that cemented its position in European markets. This article describes the beginnings of the Bordeaux wine trade, and its connection to dynasties, politics and wealth in the Middle Ages.

The river runs through it
A trip down the Gironde
by Catherine Taverny

With 60 Appellations (AOC) and more than 100,000 hectares of vines, the region of the Gironde (which includes Bordeaux) is the largest wine region in France. The Gironde estuary dominates the whole region affecting the climate, terroir and therefore its vintages. The author takes a trip on the estuary and considers its future.

Where’s the belief?
Do you have to be an anthroposophist in order to practice biodynamic viticulture?
by Claire Foster-Gilbert

Do you believe that people are capable of holding Christian values who aren’t Christians, any more than a bottle of sparkling wine from Australia can be Champagne? Whilst some do not believe God exists, they do think the Ten Commandments offer a pretty decent road map for social harmony. We are all flawed, but we are all capable of redemption by how we behave, not by doing things we think a “creator” might like enough to give us a pass into Paradise.

The value of wine
Exploring the worth in a bottle
by Jarrett Leplin and Michael Zimmerman

Some wines are good, some are bad, and within both groups some are better than others. One may judge inferior a wine that is superior; wines are misjudged. If quality were simply a function of one’s reactions, a fact only about oneself, the ritual would make no more sense than the Latin Mass without belief in God.


Keep wine fresh – preserving wine in the bottle once opened

We came across this article just recently whilst researching preserving wine in the bottle – these tools which might be of interest to readers. WIRED reviewed 5 systems including the Air Cork, Coravin, Savino, Vacu Vin, and Private Preserve wine preserve spray and their best marks were awarded to the cheapest option – judging by

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Food2Wine – an explanation

What is this about? Classical wine/food pairings are built around the premise that having prepared the food certain wines may compliment the dish. Food2Wine is the antithesis of this concept: a wine is selected and then, based on its characteristics, a food dish is prepared which will compliment and, especially, enhance its flavours and textures.

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The digital grape
Precision Viticulture as a modern tool in vineyard management
by David R Green

A look into the modern technology which shapes the vineyard whilst helping to improve the quality of the wine.


The Fools on the hill: the ‘Hermitage antenna’
by Fabian Cobb

In the autumn of 2012 a French construction company plans to install an 18metre high television antenna on the top of the colline de l’Hermitage.


Cycling Bordeaux wine country
An independent traveller’s guide to cycling around the Châteaux of Bordeaux
by Tom Kevill-Davies

This article written by experienced cyclist and gastronome Tom Kevill Davies looks at the logistics, tips, clothing, and planning for such a trip. If you’re about to embark on a holiday near Bordeaux you won’t want to miss this practical guide.


White Burgundy Grand Cru at auction
by Fabian Cobb

Sales at auction of Burgundian white Grand Cru in 2011 were more than £6million…


Lamprey Bordelaise:
the nine-eyed monster
A macabre but true recipe

This is perhaps the most celebrated dish to come out of Bordeaux – with good reason. All of the major ingredients are sourced locally. This recipe uses the technique of ‘hypovolemia’ a somewhat uncommon culinary practise in a domestic kitchen.

Champagne features

Pinot Noir in Champagne: Blanc de Noirs and pink Champagne

This article considers how Pinot Noir, a black grape, influences the taste of Champagne and its influence in making pink Champagne. There is also an example of using Pinot Meunier – a widely planted variety which hardly receives any mention. Some questions this article addresses, even if not explicitly, are: why aren’t all Blanc de

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Is ‘small’ really beautiful ?
by Thierry Mantoux

I have a ‘petit vin’ from a domaine, but be careful, not something well-known at all. I know the producer, he refuses to be in any guide, because you have to pay, and he just wants to be known by ‘word of mouth’. His Châteauneuf du Pape 2010 costs just 11euros a bottle. When you think of the price of other Châteauneuf often costing 40 to 100euros, it’s a bargain…


Prosecco: al fresco

The heartland of Prosecco is in the hills above Venice where a day’s outing can provide a respite from the heat and humidity of the lagoon but it’s also an opportunity to savour some wines in a wonderful setting.