Fine wine locator for consumers

wine retailerWhen reviewing wines, some of which may not be available locally, it's useful to have a wine retail and merchant information service, to determine where a wine is available. A fine wine locator still has purpose despite the widespread use of the internet.

When I worked on a wine magazine launch many years ago we spent a considerable amount of time exercising our minds, and our telephone arms, on including wine retailers and merchants who connected to the editorial content of the magazine. We wanted to provide a service to our readers who might otherwise opine on the point of reviewing a wine when it might not be available locally, at their favourite wine merchant or even via mail order from farther afield. Even today, with the widespread use of search engines, it's not always easy to find a wine one wants to buy because not all retailers are present in some of the search engine results and, as you may have discovered, those that claim they list a wine don't always hold the stock. In any case, a fine wine locator is still a big headache largely because compiling lists of suppliers, maintaining them and cross-referencing them to the reviewed wines is very time-consuming. Until now.

We have devised a system so that merchants and retailers can obtain access to and directly input the wines they distribute. However, the advantage to the retailer (and our readers) doesn't stop there. Miraculously, their details appear below the specific wines we review; their details are also included on a world map and they have their own entry in our supplier list complete with a locating map.

To summarise the benefits:

  • ¶ specific suppliers (anywhere in the world) are listed below the fine wines reviewed.
  • ¶ a world map of suppliers
  • ¶ supplier entries showing the wines they stock and which are reviewed here on - all the wines are 'click-through'.

As the service builds we hope you find the fine wine locator useful.

Note: If you are a retailer or merchant then please use our contact form and just let us know you would like to try this service and we will send you a link so you can register and add your details.

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