A Beige Wine for a Beige Meal

Eric Asimov of the NY Times has been discussing pairing wines based on colour... "The crispness and acidity of good chardonnay pairs beautifully with chicken potpie and other rich, creamy foods." Well, not exactly but perhaps it is a good idea? Just think how easy it would be for restauranteurs who could simply colour code their menus and wine lists - a yellow dish pairs with yellow wines and so forth. It doesn't have to be a literal translation - I'm not suggesting as Asimov has done here (tongue in cheek) that a beige wine might pair with a beige dish - think how limiting this: out go the green, blue, purple, brown dish pairings - but simply a means of classifying wines as a means to devising some customer initiation into the 'art' of food and wine pairing.


Source: NYT > Dining & Wine

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