‘Alive’ is a social app that helps you achieve any goal…

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...no matter whether you want to run a marathon, learn a new language, make your own wine, or travel the world.

List your goals and break them into achievable steps. Share your progress and get support from your friends. Turn the path to success into a game and stay motivated.

Create your own challenges or choose from 1000+ existing challenges related to sports, learning, making wine, travel etc.
Control whether your challenges are public, visible to selected friends, or private
Plan achievable steps within your challenges
Get recommendations for adequate steps based on the experience of other users
Receive customized reminders for your next steps
Use notes to record your experiences, thoughts and lessons learned
Boost your friends and earn points once they take the next step
View stats about your activity and stay motivated with step streaks
Compare yourself with your friends and climb up challenge and category rankings
Unlock badges and rewards from 'alive' partners

Something for the Master of Wine program?

Visit www.alive.do

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