Tarlant La Vigne d’Or Blanc de Meuniers 1999

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Producer | Tarlant

Year | 1999
Designation | Oeuilly. Extra brut

Alcohol | 12%

22ct gold. Almond and marzipan on the nose. Fine bubbles. Big taste which is quite sour but fresh. Long. Smooth. Very diffferent from the B de B. Dry and oxidised flavour. Interesting rather than delightful. Has a vintage Champagne quality.

Score Note 1Date tasted | Feb, 2009 | 84/100

This cuvee la Vigne d'Or (The Golden Vine) comes from vines growing for more than 50 years on a chalky-clay subsoil - the Sparnacian. Harvest: September 24, 1999. Grapes: 100% Pinot Meunier. Terroir: Vineyard "Pierre de Bellevue" in Oeuilly (Marne valley), Sparnacien soils (chalk mixed with clay). Average age of vines: 51 years. Vinification: Vinification in 4-wine oak barrels. Barrel fermentation with the lees regularly stirred back into the wine. Remains in barrels until May. Bottling: 3rd May 2000. Disgorging: 13th July 2004 - Manual
Dosage: 4 g/L - Extra Brut.


1 Date tasted | Feb, 2009

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