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100 – 98 / 20 – 19

Extraordinary wines at their
apogee showing remarkable
characteristics. The very
essence of fine wine.

97 – 94 / 18.5 – 17.5

Distinct wines demonstrating the
winemaker’s art, perhaps
with some aging potential,
although most likely to be mature.

93 – 89 / 17 – 15.5

Exemplary wines. These wines
may also mature and even
improve in the future. The score
does not necessarily reflect
their final status.

88 – 85 / 15 – 13.5

High quality wines showing
characteristic features.

84 – 80 / 13 – 11

Unpretentious wines of
good quality.

79 – 75 / 10.5 – 7.5
A non-specific and basic
wine without any
special characteristics.

74 – 60 / 7 – 0

Dull, lustreless wines
which may
possess faults.

Note: whilst scores may reflect contrasts between similar wines tasted on the same occasion, they don't represent a global standard. For example, it is clearly inappropriate to consider that a wine from the 2011 vintage of Bordeaux merits the same as one from the 2010 vintage. Our scores tend to reflect this disparity but not entirely. It is hard to imagine how Haut Brion 2011 can rightfully be equated to Haut Brion 2010. However, if you look at an average score for these two wines from a variety of commentators (based on 18 commentators following the primeurs tastings in April 2011) then the disparity between the two is around 2.8 points (e.g. HB 2010 attains on av. 2.8pts more than HB 2011). This is clearly absurd even if Haut Brion is one of the better wines from the 2011 vintage.

See article Wine Scores: Sense or Nonsense

Where some posts may use decimalised ratings out of 10 then these can be converted directly to 100pts by multiplying by 10.

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