Climate change and wine

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An innocent view of the worldWe're beginning a new season of podcasts and and start with the subject of climate change and how this might affect wine making in the future. Fabian Cobb spoke to Professor Gregory Jones, of the Department of Environmental Studies at Southern Oregon University.

Under discussion: how did Professor Jones became be involved with this branch of science? ? What are the real issues surrounding climate change, is there any one thing which would push us over the edge? ? Drought in Australia and California. ? In terms of developing root stocks and clones which might withstand changes in climate or water fluctuations, is this a question of adapting plants for their taste, or is it more far-reaching where, in fact, certain varieties simply will no longer withstand the climatic conditions? ? Champagne. ? Can a winemaker do anything or does he have to sit back and watch his world change? ? The importance of 'terroir'. ? Given that models are not more than 50% accurate, things might get worse faster, or they may stabilise?

Grateful thanks to Professor Jones of the Department of Environmental Studies at Southern Oregon University for participating in this podcast.

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