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Sponsored post Pricing

Type# AvailablePricing
Written by FineWine10 every 10 days450.00 EUR

Custom Item Pricing

Item# AvailablePricing
Sponsored article - translation10385.00 EUR
Details: If you sponsor an article for translation you will automatically receive a permanent inline banner advertisement within the sponsored article - this is advertisement has no expiration date.
Sponsored translation - tasting note99930.00 EUR
Details: If you wish to sponsor the translation of a tasting note into one of our site's main languages e.g. French or Chinese, please use this category. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Purchasing Guidelines

Have a question - then call us!

Please make sure you read these terms and conditions regarding any advertisement purchases you make:

Advertisers must ensure that each advert complies with all relevant rules of law, regulations or codes of practice. In particular the adverts must adhere to the codes of conduct laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority - in both letter and spirit.

The adverts must contain nothing which is in any way defamatory, obscene or illegal or which infringes copyright or any other intellectual property rights or other rights belonging to a third party or which if published or displayed would constitute a breach of contract or confidence or the publication or display of which is for any reason unlawful.

All adverts must be accurate, decent, honest and truthful and created with a sense of social responsibility.

Fine Wine will not carry any advert that may detract from its brand or identity. Adverts may only use Fine Wine’s name or brand with the written permission of Fine Wine's publisher:

Tel: +44 520 384 9556 or email us using our Contact form.

Fine Wine has the right at its discretion to decline to publish, or omit, change the position of, any advertisement otherwise accepted for insertion or placement on the websites, and digital platforms it operates or manages. Fine Wine will use its reasonable efforts to comply with advertisers wishes although Fine Wine will give no representation, warranty or undertaking as to the date of insertion or placement, the wording or the quality of the colour or mono reproduction of an advertisement.

General blocks on advertising
Fine Wine will not carry advertisements:
For gambling services
Adult sexual or pornographic services (excluding counselling or health related services where written permission has been obtained from the e-communications manager)
For ‘get rich quick’ schemes
For tobacco
For alcohol - where it encourages excessive or underage use
That discriminates on the grounds of race, religion, sex, disability or age.
That are of a political nature.

Approval of Advertisements
Prior to approval, an advertisement will be need to be submitted to the e-Communications Manager for approval either by email or by entry into the web booking system (for online advertisements).

Once approved, the advertisement will be processed. Once an ad campaign has started no refunds are possible.

In addition to any rights Fine Wine may have, Fine Wine shall be entitled, not to carry or continue to carry and where necessary remove the whole or any part or parts of an advert, in the following circumstances and without liability or having to tell the advertiser. These are if: -
In Fine Wine's sole discretion it considers: -
The advertisement is unlawful, misleading, offensive, inflammatory, fails to meet the requirement of paragraph 4 of this guideline or otherwise does not comply with the general principles set out in paragraph 3 of this guideline.

* The advertisement conflicts with Fine Wine or its partners
* The advertisements conflicts with the aims or policies of Fine Wine or its partners
* The advertisement is situation inappropriate
* The advertisement is prejudicial or discriminatory against any group or individual - including, but not limited to; age, race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation or nationality
The advertisement interferes with a users experience online or puts a user at risk
* The advertisement is likely to expose Fine Wine to claims, prosecution, criticism or disrepute or cause Fine Wine embarrassment
* The advertisement infringes the legal rights of others, and or infringes the intellectual property of others.

Availability of Websites
Fine Wine will arrange for the Websites operated and managed by itself to be made available, however computers and telecommunications systems are not fault free and may occasionally require periods of downtime (during which the Websites shall not be available) for repair, maintenance, and upgrading and Fine Wine cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability. Fine Wine will however endeavour to minimise any such periods of non-availability. All advertisers must understand and accept that they will have no claim for breach of contract or otherwise in respect of any such period of unavailability.

Contact Details
For further information please contact:
Head of Marketing and Communications
Tel: +44 520 384 9556
Email us using our Contact form.
Nigel Singleton, e-Communications Manager