Cavas de Gaucho


The beautiful, and best lit part of the restaurant/bar in the hear of the West End, close to Piccadilly Circus
The beautiful and best lit part of the restaurant/bar in the heart of the West End, close to Piccadilly Circus

The flagship of the Gaucho chain. Tables and chairs outside in this quiet West End street. Wine boutique stocking some 150 Argentinian wines. Small bar and large restaurant on 4 floors where the lighting is set to 'dim'. Music – mainly jazz. Friendly, professional and very well-trained staff. Excellent food – steaks in a variety of formats, cuts and weights. For those who aren't aware of either the heritage or quality of wine from Argentina this will be a real eye opener. 1 in 3 of the wines they sell are made from Malbec, which has left France way behind in terms of production, in quantity and perhaps even in quality terms, bringing a definition and elegance to the variety which is unsurpassed. They offer a number of different wines by the glass (30) which are organised by grape variety. Kick off by trying their Alma 4 Sparkling Bonarda – it will surprise you by its colour (red) and dry taste. Indeed, the range of wines (all from Argentina made from a wide range of varieties) is really spectacular. Between their day-to-day drinking list and the Reserve wines list there is bound to be something which will excite you. This is one of the most interesting, original and stimulating places to go out and eat in London and with their unique list of sensational wines it's not to be missed. You can also buy or just drink their wines in the library bar downstairs.

25 Swallow Street,
London W1B 4DJ
T 020 7734 4040

Free wi-fi and special tasting evenings

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